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Great Western Painting is a commercial and industrial painting contractor
Our corporate  is located in  Salt lake City Utah.
We service areas in UT, AZ, ID, NV, CA, CO, WY, TX, and OK.
Contact us, if you are looking for commercial or industrial painting services including: High rise buildings, Apartment Complexes, Condominium complexes, Townhouses, Shopping Malls,
 Hotels, Casinos, Hospitals, Parking structures, Water Towers, and Schools.

Our company has been providing commercial and industrial painting services
for over 25 years completing work on...

  1. Shopping Malls

  2. Condominium complexes

  3. Apartment Complexes

  4. Hospital

  5. Casinos

  6. Parking structures

  7. High-rise buildings

  8. Hotels

  9. Water Towers

  10. Industrial Complexes

  11. Schools

Man power is no problem! 7 Days a week; Day and Nightshifts

Commercial and Industrial Painting Services
Great Western Painting  provides industrial and commercial painting services to areas all around the country. We service areas around theUSA and we are more than willing to complete industrial and commercial painting projects in other states. Our experienced painters are ready to work in any environment. Professionalism and job safety are practiced regularly by all of our works in order to deliver quality service. A professional painting contractor must have experience with commercial and industrial environments. Avoiding any likelihood of danger and risk by following proper safety procedures is key to successfully completing any commercial or industrial painting project.

Learn more about our commercial painting services in
commercial wallcovering or, commercial epoxy paints and coating.


    Painting and Coating Services:

  • Epoxy

  • Oil

  • Stains

  • Commercial Wallcovering and Wallpaper

  • Commercial improvements

  • Electrostatic metal painting

  • Commercial Epoxy concrete coatings

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